5 Ways to Protect Your Bike Against Bike Theft.

5 Ways to Protect Your Bike Against Bike Theft.

5 Ways to Protect Your Bike Against Bike Theft.

Bike theft is a huge problem in Canada and the United States. In fact, according to Project 529, there are over 2 million bikes stolen each year. A bike that was once your pride and joy can be gone before you know it.

But don't worry! You're not helpless against this crime wave! There are many things you can do to protect yourself from bicycle thieves who might want to take your two-wheeled baby away from you.

Here are five of them:

Always lock up when parking your bike anywhere:

An unlocked bike can be a tempting target for a thief to nab on the go. It's best to lock up your bike, whether you're going inside for five minutes or not. An unlocked bike is much easier to steal than one that is securely locked up with a good lock - and bulky locks like chain locks are even better!

Pro-tip - Avoid suspicious locations:

Some shady parking garages and train stations will have many bikes chained up outside, which is an excellent sign that they might be storing stolen bikes here too. Stay safe by avoiding these areas.

Register your bike with Project 529, BikeIndex.org or another reputable registry service:

Bike registry services are important because they let you know if your bike has been stolen. For example, Project 529 and BikeIndex are services that lets users report how their bikes were lost or stolen and received notifications if matched with data from other losses in the database.

In case of theft, there's a chance you can find your bike just by checking these services. So it's important to register your bike with them so as not to lose any chances of recovery. These features also help owners get compensated more easily and quickly if their bike ever DOES go missing!

Consider buying an anti-theft device like a U-lock or alarm system:

Bike locks, especially U-locks, are important because they're an excellent way of deterring thieves from stealing your bike. Bike alarms are another option and might be best for e-bikes or bikes with expensive components.

Here are some things to consider about bike locks:

Bike locks need to be sturdy in order to successfully deter thieves. They should also have a locking mechanism that's difficult to break open without the key.

Buy a Bikebac Stolen Bike Tracker:

Bikebac, a company based in Whistler BC, makes a bike tracker that can track a stolen bike when it enters a partnering bike shop. Bikebac provides users with Text Message and Email alerts when their stolen bike is detected so they can plan accordingly. Bikebac's system relies on RFID technology to work, which means no batteries!

Buy a Bikebac Stolen Bike Tracker here: www.bikebac.com

Insure your bike against bike theft with BicycleBroker:

If your bicycle is stolen, it can be frustrating to think you have to go through the process of getting a bike again. Bike theft is common and having insurance can help get your damaged property replaced.

Many cyclists have personal bikes but there are also many businesses that use bicycles for deliveries, food delivery services in particular. Getting a new bike gets more expensive so it's best to insure against any potential losses.

Learn more about BicycleBroker here: www.bicyclebroker.ca

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